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How to Car Condenser? How to clean Car Condenser?

1. Pour the detergent into the water. Car Condenser products are alkaline and have slight corrosion to the condenser, so it is very important to add water to reduce the concentration, because if the concentration is too high, only the cleaning pipe will be clean, but corrosion cannot be considered.

2. The Car Condenser starts the car, turns on the air switch, and turns on the electronic fan. Rinse with clean water first, and use the rotation of the fan to fill the entire condenser with clean water. Be sure to rinse thoroughly in place. At the same time, the electronic fan may stop because the condenser temperature is too low, and then stop the flush to raise the temperature of the condenser, so that the electronic fan runs again.

3. After the entire condenser is wetted, use a water sprayer to spray the mixed washing product onto the surface of the condenser. At this time, the electronic fan should also be running, and use its running suction to distribute to all corners. It is estimated that spraying all the cleaning supplies is enough. At this point, turn off the empty engine and observe the condenser surface. After a few minutes, you will see the dirt on the surface slowly "float" and some small air bubbles. wait for a moment.

4. Start the empty rotating fan again. At this point, rinse with plenty of water. The more thoroughly rinsed the better. Don't be lazy with this step and wait for enough rinsing. You will find the surface of the condenser is clean and we can clean the condenser like new.

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