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Detailed knowledge of car intercooler

For the turbocharged engine, the car intercooler is an important component of the turbocharged system. Whether it is a supercharged engine or a turbocharged engine, it is necessary to install a car intercooler between the supercharger and the engine intake manifold. Because the radiator is located between the engine and the supercharger, it is also called car intercooler, or car intercooler for short.

One of the reasons why a turbocharged engine has more power than a normal engine is that it changes air more efficiently than a normal engine's natural intake. When the air enters the turbo, its temperature will increase significantly, and the density will also become higher. The intercooler plays the role of cooling the air, and the high temperature air will enter the engine after being cooled by the intercooler. If the lack of intercooler and let the pressurized high temperature air directly into the engine, the air temperature will be too high to cause engine damage or even dead fire phenomenon.

Because the temperature of the exhaust gas from the engine is very high, heat conduction through the supercharger will raise the temperature of the intake air. In addition, the density of the air will increase during the process of compression, which will inevitably lead to an increase in the air temperature, thus affecting the engine inflation efficiency. If you want to further increase the inflation efficiency, you have to reduce the intake temperature. Data show that under the same air-fuel ratio condition, the engine power can be increased by 3%-5% when the temperature of pressurized air drops by 10 ℃.

If the uncooled pressurized air enters the combustion chamber, in addition to affecting the inflation efficiency of the engine, it is also easy to lead to the high combustion temperature of the engine, causing failure such as detonation, and will increase the NOx content in the exhaust gas of the engine, causing air pollution. In order to solve the adverse effect caused by the heating of the air after pressurization, it is necessary to install an intercooler to reduce the intake temperature.

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