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  • The air took away the high temperature sent by the compressor.


  • The function of the automobile condenser is to cool the high-temperature and high-pressure refrigerant vapor discharged from the compressor and condense it into a liquid high-pressure refrigerant.


  • Pour the detergent into the water. Car Condenser products are alkaline and have slight corrosion to the condenser, so it is very important to add water to reduce the concentration, because if the concentration is too high, only the cleaning pipe will be clean, but corrosion cannot be considered.


  • For the turbocharged engine, the car intercooler is an important component of the turbocharged system. Whether it is a supercharged engine or a turbocharged engine, it is necessary to install a car intercooler between the supercharger and the engine intake manifold.


  • The role of the condenser is to transform the high temperature and high pressure gaseous refrigerant sent by the compressor into liquid refrigerant, and the refrigerant will dissipate heat in the condenser and change its state.


  • First start the car and turn on the air conditioner. Make the electronic fan work, rinse with water, use the rotation of the fan to make water all over the car condenser. After the whole water is soaked, spray the mixed washing water on the surface of the car condenser with a spray device, and distribute it to each corner through the operation suction of the electronic fan.