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How to clean the car condenser?

First start the car and turn on the air conditioner. Make the electronic fan work, rinse with water, use the rotation of the fan to make water all over the car condenser. After the whole water is soaked, spray the mixed washing water on the surface of the car condenser with a spray device, and distribute it to each corner through the operation suction of the electronic fan. Turn off the empty engine, wait for a few minutes, start the air regulation again, and flush with a lot of water.

Air condenser is a device for heat exchange between the external air body and the material in the pipeline through the cooling metal sheet. Generally installed together with the front of the car and the water tank to facilitate the use of airflow to enhance heat dissipation when driving. It is best to clean the condenser regularly when washing the car to prevent the cooling blades from being blocked by sundries (insects, leaves, etc.). And affect the cooling effect.

Regular cleaning of car condenser can greatly improve the refrigeration effect of air-conditioning system. First, the detergent needs to be watered before washing. The washing products of the condensation network are alkaline and slightly corrosive to the car condenser, so it is very important to add water to reduce the concentration, because the concentration is too high to wash very clean, but the corrosion can not be ignored. When washing with plenty of water, wash as thoroughly as possible.

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