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What Makes The Condenser Broken and How To Prevent Condenser From Damage?


“The condenser leak can be caused by something trivial and rarely realized by drivers, namely the presence of dust and gravel. Bouncing pebbles can hit the air conditioner condenser, causing it to leak.

The fan rotation that continues to weaken can also be one of the causes of the hot condenser. The weakened fan rotation is the result of frequent use. Too much freon used can also trigger excessive pressure so that the room temperature will be higher, making the condenser warmer than normal.

The condition of the fan motor that is already weak or even damaged will also make the condenser heat due to the reduced gust or air suction.

As a result, the condenser, which functions to remove heat from the air conditioner machine can’t implement its work properly, making the air conditioner system broken.

The condenser is indeed a component of a car air conditioner system that is quite prone to break. Apart from car air conditioning, problems with the condenser can also occur with an overheated car engine when the air conditioner is on. Conversely, when the air conditioner is turned off, the engine heat will return to normal.

Preventing Condenser Damage


The way to prevent damage to the car air conditioner condenser is to periodically service it. By performing routine checks every 3-6 months, the condition of the car condenser can be better maintained.

You may also want to make sure that the condenser is clean from dust and dirt. You can do this by washing it often with water. When spraying the condenser, the water pressure needs to be controlled properly: don’t be too hard so that the condenser fins are not easily dented.”

 (refer to WULING website,https://wuling.id/en/blog/autotips/car-condenser-function-and-how-to-prevent-it-from-damage/)

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